Scribble on the Apple Watch

Scribble has become one of my favorite features on the Apple Watch.

I was skeptical when Apple debuted the Scribble feature for the Messages app on the Apple Watch. Scribble is a feature in WatchOS 3 that allows you to send messages created by drawing individual letters on the face of your Apple Watch. The advantage of using Scribble is it allows you to send messages beyond Apple’s stock template messages.

I have begun using Scribble on the Apple Watch to reply to messages when Apple’s template replies will not work. My first use of Scribble was a little cumbersome. I was drawing letters on my Apple Watch with about 80% accuracy and it was slow. Had I stopped using the feature after that use, I would likely not be writing such a positive review today. However, with a little practice, sending messages using Scribble is fast, accurate, and increases the utility of the Messages app. If you have not tried Scribble, give it a shot.

Tips: You do not need to wait for the first letter to disappear before drawing the second letter. Also, you can draw multiple letters at once.



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