WWDC 2016 Summary Notes

Watch OS 3

  • Faster app launch time (“apps will launch instantly”)
    • The on stage example was lightning fast.
  • The side button on the Apple Watch is now the dock.
    • You can choose the apps that reside in the dock.
    • Apps in the dock are also interactive.
  • Control center is now a swipe up from the bottom on the Apple Watch just like it is on all other iOS devices.

  • Replying is now easier. The Apple Watch now displays messages inline when you receive a message saving you taps.
    • Scribble: You can also respond in new ways such as writing with your finger on the Apple Watch while it translates what you write into text.
  • Reminders is now a native app on Watch OS 3. Finally.

  • Watch Faces

    • New watch Face called activity that displays your activity in three versions.
    • New face called numerals that shows the numeral of interest (e.g., if it is 3 o’clock only the numeral 3 will appear on the watch face).
  • SOS on the watch
    • Activates by pressing and hold the side button.
      • It will automatically call 911 and notify your emergency contacts via message and a map of where you are. It will then show your medical ID on the watch face (if you set that up).
      • The SOS function works all over the world even if you don’t know the emergency number for your geographic location.
  • Fitness and Health
    • Activity Sharing: You can now share your fitness activity with family and friends.
      • Swipe to the right and you will see family and friends’ fitness rings as well as your own.
      • You can sort by whatever metric you want in sharing.
      • You can communicate with people you are sharing with through messages within the fitness and health app.
    • Wheelchair users fitness
      • Issue: They use different techniques to push their chairs and engage in physical activity. Therefore, there was a need for new algorithms track fitness.
        • Instead of “time to stand” the Apple Watch will display “time to roll!” to wheelchair bound individuals.
        • There are two workouts specifically designed for those in wheelchairs.
        • You can turn this setting on and off on the watch.
    • Brand new app called breath
      • Breath is designed to guide you through deep breathing exercises.
      • You can set smart notifications to remind you to engage in deep breathing.
      • You can change the amount of time for each breathing session with the digital crown.
      • You will be guided buy visual feedback or gentle taps and the app will give you your heart beat at the end of the session.


  • There are new apps like Molotov tv.
  • You can now watch 4 sports shows on screen at once.
  • There are more games.
  • There is now a single sign on for all apps (e.g., you only have to authenticate once for all apps that require authentication).
    • TV OS will also show you all the apps that are available to you
  • You now have access to a Dark mode.
  • App sync across apple tv and iOS devices.
  • New apple TV remote app for iOS that acts identically to the Apple TV remote that ships with the system.
  • There are also Siri enhancements.


  • Apple is renaming the MAC operating system to macOS.
    • This years name is macOS Sierra
  • Focus on continuity
    • Auto-unlock
      • You can use your Apple Watch to unlock your machine
    • Universal clipboard
      • Clipboards now sync across devices.
  • iCloud Drive
    • Desktops files will be available everywhere (including iphone).
    • Optimize storage (Your disk is full)
      • Apple will store old files on the cloud and make them available to you on demand and get rid of the files you don’t need (email attachments).
      • Apple claims they had a computer that only had 20 gigabytes available and with the new software they were able to reclaim space so that it now had 120 gigabytes free.
    • Apple Pay
      • You can now shop on the web with apple pay.
        • Now you can “Pay with apple pay” within web sites on Safari.
        • You can authenticate with touch ID on your iphone and your apple watch.
    • Tabs
      • You can now have tabs in any app including 3rd party apps with no modification needed
    • Picture in picture
      • You can now use picture in picture on your mac.
    • Siri on the mac
      • Siri can do sophisticated queires (e.g., show the files from last week on this project) which can be refined (e.g., just the one that Ken sent me).
        • Siri can search the web.
        • You can drag results right out of siri output for immediate use.
        • You can pin searches that you might want to you use again.
        • Siri can play music.
        • You can use Siri to communicate as well just like on iOS.

iOS 10

  • Redesigned lock screen
    • There is a redesigned lock screen that is woken when the phone is raised and supports 3d touch.
    • There is now a special area for music
    • Easier than ever to get to your camera from the lock screen.
    • You can now slide over to get to widgets.
    • Better 3d touch once you get into the phone (e.g., apps can do more with 3D Touch).
  • Siri

    • Siri is now open to developers. This means that you’ll be able to ask Siri for anything from 3rd party developers. The following were mentioned in the Keuynote:
      • Slack
      • Whats app
      • Uber Lyft
      • Photo search in apps like IM Shutterfly Pintrest
      • Start stop pause workouts
      • Payments to friends
      • Voip
      • Calling in skype
    • Quick Type
      * Siri intelligence is now in the keyboard which means more intelligent suggestions like extracting information for calendar events from a text message conversation.

      • Photos
        • Places now lets you see all geotagged photos on a map.
        • Advanced computer recognition done locally on the device recognizes people, objects, scenes (e.g., horse, water, mountain).
          • Photos now uses advanced artificial intelligence to cluster together photos to surface memories relevant at any moment (e.g., topics, people, memories).
          • Photos now also creates a video/picture and summary of a trip which you can share and make changes to fit your preferences. The macOS and TVos also get these new Photos features.
      • Maps
        • Now gives you suggestions on better routes and is better able to filter things you may be searching for (e.g., only show me seafood restaurants).
        • There is more information on the navigation screen.
        • Maps will also give you alternate routes if there is traffic ahead and puts turn-by-turn directions into the instrument cluster if you have CarPlay.
        • Maps is open to 3rd party developers
          • You can now do many things right in Maps (e.g., find a restaurants, make a reservation, book a car, pay for it)
      • Apple Music
        • All new design from the ground up.
          • Music app will have Greater clarity and simplicity from new screens for just about everything in the app.
          • First tab is now the library and lyrics are built in to the “now playing” screen.
          • For you now contains a “discovery mix.”
          • “Browse” tab now tells you what is the most recent and most important.
      • News
        • All new design
          • Clear sections that make them easier to follow.
          • You can read all articles that you subscribe to right inside of the News app along with breaking news notifications.
      • Homekit
        • There is a New “Home” app.
          • The Home app serves as a central location to find all your accessories. Becuase of this centrality, you can trigger a scene for all of them (e.g., nighttime = lock the doors, dim the lights).
          • Siri can also control all HomeKit devices and HomeKit is also available on home screen.
          • HomeKit will use Apple Tv as a secure end to end connection encryption.
          • Apple Watch comes with home support as well.
      • Phone
        • The phone app can now trancribe your voicemails and third parties can let you know of phone calls that might be spam.
        • There is a new VOIP api that makes calls from any app available on lock screen.
        • Apple says that you can now receive work calls on iPhone. (Are there people who really want this?)
      • Messages
        • Rich links in photos and URLS.
        • Videos play right in line.
        • When you choose camera you see exactly what your camera sees So that you can insert the image into messages.
        • Emojis are 3x bigger and messages will now show you words that you can replace with emoji’s.
        • There are now bubble effects that give different feel to messages.
          • Invisible messages (slide your finger to reveal the message) and video now available in messages.
        • There are now quick tap backs that allow you to quickly respond to a message.
        • Messags now supports hand written messages and heartbeat messages.
        • Messages can now use whole background screen.
        • Apple music links play right in the messages app.
        • You can create pictures and video right in app.
        • Messages is now open to developers that gives you an app drawer that shows you the iMessage apps.
        • Mac and apple watch can receive all this new content as well.
  • Other things mentioned briefly.
    • Notes collaboration
    • Conversation view in mail on iphone and ipad.
    • Better live photos that are editable.
    • Split view with Safari on ipad.
    • On device privacy; differential privacy.

Things we didn’t see

  • No sleep tracking?!?!?!?!?
  • No selection of multiple items on iOS

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