Using My MacBook Pro as an iPad Pro Stand

Something peculiar happened the other day. I was typing on the smart keyboard with my 9.7 inch iPad Pro on my lap and it seemed a bit unstable[1]. To solve this problem, I decided that I needed a flat stable surface on which to rest the iPad. Without thinking, I grabbed the nearest object that satisfied those criteria. Why is this worth sharing?

I finished my current task and when I sat back to think I noticed that the object I chose to rest my 9.7 iPad Pro on was my one-year old MacBook Pro.

At that moment, I realized there is something special about this device that makes me want to use it. Maybe it is the Smart Keyboard; maybe it is the awesome display; maybe it is iOS 9. Who knows? What I know is that the experience of using the iPad Pro is unlike any iPad experience before it[2]. Despite the fact that some things take longer to accomplish on iOS and that I have a beautiful Apple 27’ Thunderbolt Display in my office, I find myself pulled to use this device for more of my daily tasks.

If you are on the fence about purchasing a new iPad Pro, I encourage you try one out. Apple has a 14-day return policy that allows you to test drive one with no consequence[3].

  1. The iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Cover is generally stable when using it on your lap. In this instance, I was sitting in an awkward position not conducive to working with the iPad Pro on my lap.  ↩

  2. I have owned two 9.7 inch iPads before this one that I used occasionally for note taking during meetings and other miscellaneous tasks.  ↩

  3. If you test one, be sure to get the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard during your testing period.  ↩


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