Want to speed time up? Play Chameleon Run

If you are looking for a game to help pass the time, Chameleon run is it.

I received an iPad Pro 9.7 inch for my birthday of this year. After the usual setup and play features, I began to look for games that would use the iPad Pros beautiful screen and faster processer. The App Store recommended that I try a running game entitled Chameleon Run.

Fast Forward

The game is appropriately priced at $1.99 (US) and downloaded quickly. The concept is simple and there are only two actions to take during gameplay: jump and change color. At first glance, knowing that the game is played with those simple concepts, you might think that the game would be boring or simple; it’s not.


Chameleon Run

In fact, after passing a couple tutorial levels, the game quickly becomes highly addictive and difficult. After cruising through a couple of levels (or so I thought) I looked at my watch only to find that 45 minutes had passed. My only conclusion time must have sped up.


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